Monday, June 06, 2011

The Use of Depleted Uranium Ammo

Danielle and I watched a fantastic but disturbing documentary the other night. Beyond Treason is about Gulf-War syndrome, and the US Military's willingness to medically experiment on its own troops (with or without their knowledge or consent). Clinton's Executive Order 13139 gives the President the ability to force-vaccinate military personnel, without their consent. Hundreds of National Reserve pilots have already resigned (i.e. given up the chance to fly totally cool fighter jets) rather than be vaccinated.

Surprisingly, there are more US casualties from the Gulf War than from the Vietnam War. Like with so many other things, the change methodology used to measure causalities between the Vietnam and Gulf Wars has hidden this fact from the public.

But far more disturbing is the US Military's continued use of depleted uranium (DU) ammunition which makes troops sick, causes all sorts of birth defects, and leaves a land contaminated with nuclear reside for all eternity.  So, the use of DU ammo will create environmental toxicity that cannot be cleaned up and will last forever.

Why would any army ever use such weapons, which slowly kill the people who use them and the people who live where the weapons are used? They render the land where they're used uninhabitable. This seems completely insane to me? What's the point?

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