Monday, June 06, 2011

Radiant Energy and Free Energy

My Bedini 3-pole monopole motor running off a 12V power supply and charging a battery. The top generator coil is also driving the bank of LEDs just for fun.

Here's a pretty good site with lots of info on the Bedini SSG. A number of people have replicated the motor, and achieved a Coefficient of Performance (COP) greater than one (more than 100% efficient):

One very good report, with multiple, repeated overunity results:

Now, the trick here is that we need to understand that of course, the system isn't more than 100% efficient. Just like a solar cell or wind generator, there is an external source of energy being put into the system.

With this system, the same phenomena applies. We use energy to get the wheel spinning and generating the pulsed DC voltage spikes (seen to be as high as 200 V on a small apparatus like mine). This is a replication of Tesla's gap discharge experiments. This involves a poorly understood form of electricity that Bedini calls Radiant Energy.

We achieve a COP>1 though capturing and utilizing the radiant energy spikes. Much more radiant energy can be captured in the battery and subsequently used to do work (run a fan or light, etc.) than the energy used to rotate the motor.

It turns out that we simply don't have a suitable theoretical model for the radiant energy obtained by this system. And because so much science has gotten ass-backwards, if there's no theory, then it's impossible and won't be investigated. Good lab results are ignored if they don't fit an existing framework.

This is precisely the situation that's occurred with Cold Fusion. The scientific community derided the work of Pons & Fleischmann, and they were forced to leave the US to continue their study. Turns out that there's something to cold fusion. Except you can't call it that now, and it's called Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR).

Of course, you can just read/watch the 60-minutes piece on cold fusion's new lease on life....

Nice to see that scientific evidence will prevail. Too bad it took 20 years, and made pariahs out of those who wanted to do the work....


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What are you talking about? How is this at all related to my post on the Bedini motor?

Further, you make some great assumptions about myh 'lifestyle' despite the fact I live in Asia...

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