Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Little Fortune Telling...

Okay, here we go..

Business as 'usual'. Euro towards 1.50 by the autumn. Once the US dollar starts to fail again, (EUR/USD > 1.50) look for an event to bring interest back in to the USD via safe-haven flows.

What will trigger this? Danger in the midterm elections, and some terrorist attack? A re-breaching of the Gulf Spill? Something to cause war in Iran (my best guess).

This will keep the US dollar alive a little longer, while nations look to get out of the US dollar.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

The state of things.

Dear Customer:
Today, I want to personally say THANK YOU for your past business and ask you to take advantage of our largest sale ever. For the past 37 years Cruisin' USA/ has produced hundreds of thousands of quality, fun, screen printed and embroidered items. We receive letters daily from you, thanking us for providing you some FUN.
This past year has been especially difficult as the banking rules have changed, unemployment continues to be a nagging problem, and business has slowed down, we have decided to SLASH our PRICES with a whopping 50% off. We are doing this for one simple reason - WE NEED CASH. Our warehouse is full and our long time employees want to keep working.
On behalf of the 21 families who are supported by your purchases, I am asking you to TAKE ADVANTAGE of this ONCE-IN-A LIFETIME SALE.
Thank you so much
Alan Spetner,

CCO (Chief Cruisin Officer)
Cruisin' USA /