Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Too Much Chatter Not to Blog!

Okay, there's just too much chatter on the net, from some of my major sources of information. As a result, I'm gonna blog it here, for posterity.

The talk is that 2010 is going to be the Year of Terror.

Now, I've believed this, cause I was expecting "Operation Safe Haven" which has seen the US dollar appreciate in the range of 25% over the last few months. I didn't trade my belief, because it was 'conspiracy theory', but it's totally held true. I did soften up my positions, so I took the safe route, and haven't taken a significant draw-down during that time.

However, new talk is emerging about April being a big month. More and more about the militia, and little things here and there about terrorism. Is something about to happen?

My belief is the powers were poised this fall to pull the curtains on the whole thing, but nobody bought the nonsense about Swine Flu, and the whole thing backfired. The US dollar was poised for collapse, but the failure of the swine flu hysteria meant the police state was untenable, and the US dollar had to be saved. Enter the Underwear bomber, body scanners, Tea Party violence, and all the rest. This breathed new life into the US dollar.

So here we sit...the US dollar is balanced for the time being. Still, lots of shorting of the Euro against the dollar (how long can this run). Volatility rules...maybe take some more traders out? The only safe play these days seems to be shorting the Yen. This is my strategy. Either normalcy or depression should help the Yen strengthen...just some certainty in the market will cause that!

So what happens next? Israel in Iran? The US in Iran? An Iranian terrorist hits a US city? Bombs going off every day in Russia isn't enough....but what's next?

I'm just afraid of something big...something nuclear. Chapman and Celente both think it can happen any day, and it's pretty much what's needed to get things rolling in the direction they're 'supposed' to be going...


Junie said...

Have you revisited this? The way the last quarter of 2010 is shaping up or misshaping out, it's the year of China and sludge (not just the one in Hungary).

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