Thursday, October 15, 2009

A View of Government

Just throwing a few thoughts out there for your consideration....

Why do we assume that governments act in our best interests? Why do we expect politicians to make decisions which are good for the people in general, particularly when there are options open to them which serve their own interests much more?

We've become completely dependent on government, and it's supposed benign goodness. We're out of touch with our humanity, and our own basic survival instinct. We depend on modern technology and expertise, and various organizations, all for our very existence.

Ask yourself what would happen if the power went out for a week. What about a month? What if it were longer? What if there were no food in the grocery stores, or if a pandemic hit, and we were quarantined in our homes for an extended period. What would you do?

The point I'm getting at is that we're really very dependent on our society for our survival, and we rely on our governments to take care of us.

While we understand that people are corrupt, and that there are problems with governments, we don't see them as malicious, and against us. But what if that weren't the case? I think this is one of the greatest differences between Canadians and Americans, or at least how Americans once were....

Only the US Constitution starts from the assumption that governments will NOT act in the best interests of people, and that people need tools to give them power over their government. Only Americans are armed, with the right to arms. The Constitution sets out the responsibility of the people to defend themselves against their governments.

After everything that's happened, with the economy and taxation and government corruption, do you really feel that government has your best interests at heart?