Monday, April 20, 2009

A Call To Action

Well, not really.

I've been reading/watching/thinking too much about a lot of things lately. Tons of conspiracy theories, Aliens, and something called the New World Order. Add to that Global Warming, energy and food crises, potential economic collapse, health in the 21st century--are there really aircraft spraying chemicals on the population and electomagnetic attacks on various populations--and the fact that it's scientifically possible that the US could have caused last year's earthquake in China (totally insane, I know!)...

Point is, in this world, there's so much 'out there' to make you feel totally helpless about your situation and your place in the world. If you read my last post, you have some insight into why I've gone Vegan. Well, how does one respond to all of the other things in the world. I can try and inform people about the obvious things like how modern fractional-reserve banking (i.e. The Federal Reserve) is by design, doomed to failure and eventual collapse, how certain food additives and GMO foods are harmful, etc...people will listen if they want to, or won't if they don't want to, and sometimes, there isn't anything anyone can do to change that.

So, I'm left with the following conclusion: the only thing I can do is to adjust my own living to conform with my moral beliefs, and live a life that I can be comfortable with. By not living in fear, I can free myself from those things in the world which seek to control or dominate me. If there are only really two states of being (love and fear), then I choose love and not fear. This means that I choose to love, and not live in fear, and I will demonstrate that through my actions and my choices. By simply being the best I can be, and not responding to the world or others with fear, I can live a full and content life.

And just maybe, by living in a morally correct way, and with love and compassion, I can pass on some of these traits, or at least a desire to transcend fear, to those around me, and somehow, maybe make the world just a little bit better. My goal here is, for the first time in my life (I tend to be somewhat confrontational and difficult), to create harmony in my relations with other people and with my environment. Relations devoid of aggression and violence may lead to a better world, at least for me and those around me.

This is how I choose to live my life.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Veganism, all the way

Alright, so here's the story.

When I was younger, I loved to fish. Ice fishing, boat fishing, casting off the rocks in Sudbury with David Winsa. I loved to fish. However, one day, sitting in the boat with my dad, I just saw a fish, lying in the bottom of the boat, and felt, this is wrong.

Cut to my first year of college (1993/94) and I was living in Toronto with Aaron Thompson. Riding my bike like a bat out of hell, spitting on cars in anger over their drivers' irresponsibility towards the world and environment. I had decided to become a vegetarian to try and make the world better. And it was good. But when I moved back home with my parents, I gave up vegetarianism because meal planning was difficult.

As I got older, I became more mellow, even as I saw with greater clarity, the injustices which occur in the world. I had become more comfortable with my place in the world, and I felt that for the most part I had found an uneasy peace with things. My depression has come and gone, and come again, and I've dealt with it best I can, with and without medication (although medication makes it a lot more tolerable).

But lately, since I've left the store, and have had more time to research things and think about the world and my place in it, along with my Buddhist belief in non-violence, I've just come to realize that the meat industry is just that--an industry. And animals, which I love, are but commodities in that industry. The treatment of most modern industrial animals is deplorable, and a cause of great suffering.

So, no longer am I willing to be complicit in the cruelty inflicted on animals though the consumption of meat products. Further, because I am against violence, I do not wish to partake in anything that exhibits violence against any other living, feeling, creature. Thus, I have decided to go completely vegan, absorbing, and avoiding the use of any animal-derived product whatsoever.

Further, according to the UN, the meat industry is a greater emitter of greenhouse gases than transportation, so going vegan also greatly reduces my carbon footprint. It's a nice added benefit. Regardless of where the rest of the world is going, I can at least feel confident that I'm taking my own steps to actively pursue a better world, and let my conscience rest with my place in the world.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Hackintosh

Well, well.

I've done something pretty cool in the computer world, and I have to say, I'm feeling great about it. In fact, I'm downright proud of what I've done. And what have I done, you may ask....Well, I've turned my PC into a Mac. Or, more specifically, my PC is running Mac's OS X operating system.

Yes, that's right, my computer is now a 'mac', so to speak. The OS is really fast and smooth, and I'm not lacking anything I had with my windows machine, and it runs about 20% faster than my system did under Windows.

It took a bit of trial and error to get it running because my hardware isn't very mac-friendly, but after some research and a bit of sweat, it's up and running. Two weeks now.

For the record, I've completely ditched Windows, and I'm only running a single OS on my computer. Very happy about that too. If you check out my YouTube page, you'll see some videos that I made, inspired by the creative tools built into a Mac, and how easily content can be created.

Since then, I've done a second computer (a store-bought HP system) which was really easy to do. Now, the owner has the option of booting into Vista or OS X 10.5.6