Friday, October 19, 2007

A Few Random Points

I haven't posted in a long time, and Danielle has posted the last few times, so I figured it was time. Our friend William, was on the news... good for him!

Somewhere in the city, Danielle is supposed to have her first billboard, but we don't know where. We'll post pictures if we find it. You can see us on the Columbia website along with Sergey, and the TutorABC website, and a bunch of times on YouTube now. We're
Specical Session Stars, and many clients come to hear us lecture, so we have ads on a bunch of Taiwanese websites, including Yahoo. Exciting.

Looks like we'll be moving to days soon, which is a welcome change from working nights. The role that Danielle and I have comfortably settled into consists of managing Tutor's Special Sessions and editing teaching material.

Temperature is cooling off, so I think Typhoon season is over. We finally got one! It wasn't the end of the world or anything, but the wind was pretty strong at times. Also exciting.

I've also got the Purdie Shuffle down pretty good. I can play Rosanna without much difficulty, and make it 'feel good'. Trust me, click on those links! So my shuffle is working well (I'm really proud of that) and I've got a good Moeller triplet going now. I'm very pleased by that, and it's made my speed increase so much! Add a good double stroke on the feet and hands, and things are working really well. I might even consider going back to teaching drums sometime in the future....

See, I've been pushing hard to get things done, and make my first million dollars. Danielle and I have a couple of things we're working on (we'll keep you posted) but I realized that we're on a very good path with the real estate, and really, we need to find work we like, and enjoy ourselves now, and everything will follow though in time. In a few more years, our passive income will be enough to pay our OSAP, and we'll be free of financial burden. So I'm not sweating things too much. Going to focus on interesting and rewarding work, and just be patient. The beginning takes time (the first million is always the hardest they say).

So, I guess that's where I am. If you really want to know about Taiwan and whatnot, email me. I'll give you details.

We took some pictures, and I'll try and get them posted on here soon....

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