Friday, August 31, 2007

The Fifth Wisdom Tooth

One of the great advantages of being in Taiwan is that some things are just cheaper. Take for example my recent fifth wisdom tooth removal which cost about 3 dollars Canadian altogether. Dental clinics are as common in Taiwan as Tim Hortons shops are in Canada, so I guess that explains it.

...Yes, as some of you are already aware, I am the missing link between the Homosapien and the Neanderthal -- I have... or had a fifth wisdom tooth, which I was quite proud of, but had to have removed at some point due to the slight swelling it was causing. And so, last week, I went for a 50 NT dental checkup (the equivalent about about $1.50 Canadian) and had the tooth removed this morning for another mere 50 NT.

As I bite down upon the gauze the dentist applied to my wound, I am pleased that we decided to come to Taiwan... for many reasons. I will have to keep my lucky tooth close by as it's wisdom has served me well in the past.