Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Taiwanese Hair

I thought that this was a particularly noteworthy Taiwanese experience, and so, without further ado, here it is:

A couple of weeks ago, I finally got my hair cut. After a failed attempt to do so in the Philippines (see our blog entry to follow, 'The Vacation that Wasn't', for details), I needed to accept what fate had in store: a Taiwanese person would have to cut my hair.

Since having my hair cut in China Town, back when I was a student in Canada, I have been painfully aware that having an Asian hairstylist near my head is not a wise plan. If it is not enough that the average Asian is unfamiliar with my Western hair texture, there is also a completely different sense of aesthetics here in the East. Bangs cut at a forty-five degree angle are just not for me.

That being said, I realized getting a cut in Taiwan was a risk... but it needed to be done. The distinct line between my brown and blond hair colour was getting to be too much of an eyesore; it was time to take action! Well, that's what the girl at Geant (spoken [eye-my] in Chinese) seemed to think when she approached me with a small promotional package containing a flyer for her hair salon and tissues... Tissues? Okay. Anyways, I took the hint. The lady even asked in broken English/Chinese if I'd been here for a year, after more closely observing the length of the brown portion of my hair.

The salon was more like a takeout joint. First, I had to feed a 100 NT bill into a machine, which quickly spat out my haircut voucher. I was then let loose inside. Upon entry, I was led to the closest of the three available chairs. As I began to take a seat, the lady who gave me the flyer only moments before promptly began the hack job. It was an interesting and efficiently executed hack job, nonetheless. In a mere 4 minutes, I closely resembled 90% of the Taiwanese office girls where I work.

Upon completion, the 'hairstylist' vacuumed, yes vacuumed, the residual cut hair from my scalp with a long tube that hung loosely from the wall, and sent me on my way in order to make room for the next customer.

Ah, Asia. Well, at least the haircut is not beyond repair. After all, James and I trim each other's hair all the time.

And, hey... I did get free tissues.


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