Thursday, April 12, 2007

Little Things

Yesterday, Danielle and I went to the tea house for lunch. The usual, really. We usually hit it twice a week, and this was a particularly good day--sunny, warm and bright.

Well, it was busy. We had to physically take a table from inside to outside, but there I can practice my drums. Well, at the picnic table was a woman with about 6 kids. They had tea and snacks. It's amazing, the cultural differences...

In Taiwan, it's very common to go and sit at a tea house for an hour or two, chatting or reading, and sipping cold tea. And here was this lady, with these six kids, aged about 6 to maybe 10, all sitting there sipping tea, reading.

Kids reading. Voluntarily. For fun.

They sat for about half an hour, reading. Then they got up and went and played for a bit. Then sat down and read some more. The read individually, all together, in total silence.

This is Asia...


Dixon said...

I am Dixon Lin who was a interpreter when you bought the fitting machine the day before yesterday.
How are you doing?

It seems that you went to tea house for lunch that day.

Yes, "Tea House" is a special place that people usually go there for reading, business,chatting, and so on. Sometimes people would play card there. So tea house is a special trditional place in Taiwan.

Well, I am gonna enjoy your photos now.^^
Wish you have a happy and enjoyable weekend.!!

James said...

Hi Dixon!

Sorry I didn't see you there earlier. I've been using my machine a lot. Thanks!!

We're very surprised that children read, because in Canada, they don't really. Very different here...

Tabby said...

Sound like you guys are having a real blast out there!!! Oh and I just got the cook book from you guys today in the mail from Mum, thanks alot you guys I'm doing meal planning with it as we speak :D