Thursday, February 22, 2007

Food Poisoning!

Damn Subway Subs!!

I had Subway Monday night (my favorite, Italian BMT) for maybe the fourth time since coming to Taiwan. I usually eat in the markets or one of the local teahouses. Once or twice a week we'll eat Western.

Well, this one's for my family, so if you're otherwise, don't read on....(this means Danielle was smart enough to go veggie).

NEways, I've never been sick like this before in my life. Food poisoning
really sucks! I mean, I puked all night (about 12 times) and just had the worst diarrhea ever!! Nasty stuff. Once when I was a kid, I was barfing non-stop when my dad took me to the hospital to see Dr. Leckie (thanks dad). I think this was worse. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. My chest is sore (two days later) from continuous vomiting. Danielle says it was like the puking scene from Team America....

At least I know my immune system is strong cause it got rid of
everything. I drank a ton of Supa Supau (Taiwanese Gatorade) and the next day, I could eat again. It's taking my bowels a little longer to come back online, but wow, what a ride.

We eat at all sorts of places, market food, etc. in Taiwan, and it's a damn Western restaurant that makes me sick. Go figure. I can even drink the water....

BTW...I'm just looking for sympathy... *puppy eyes*


geekymarie said...

Awww... poor little Jamie!

maybe you should sue Subway... you could get pretty rich.

James said...


Turns out, it may have been the flu. Some flu!!

Alyson said...

Awwww....poor james! I'm SO GLAD I've never had food poisoning, because I've heard it described a few times to me, and it's always bad. Like I-wish-I-were-dead kinda bad

Still doesn't sound like flu to me. Flu is of longer duration

Cheetsy said...

Had exactly the same thing with a bad tray of dumplings. Exactly the same, and I hadn't had it that bad before either!