Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Fun. We had a boxing day earthquake today. Actually, we had 4. Two of them were rather serious, and had many of our clients worried and scared.

We had what the Japanese (and CNN) called a 7.2 and the Taiwanese called a 6.7 at 8:26 that shook the building pretty good. Not enough to knock stuff off the shelves, but enough to let you know the earth is moving. We're on the 42nd floor, and it was swaying side to side pretty damn good. Enough to make you want to hold on... I guess it lasted about a minute. Then 8 minutes later at 8:34, we got a 7.0/6.4 which started as a jackhammer (up and down rather than side to side) for maybe 20 seconds before switching to a swaying motion that caused the building to make some nasty sounds as the glass and steel creaked rather loudly.

The epicenter of both of the big quakes was about 200km to the south, so the reported intensity at Taichung was somewhere between 3 and 4. I was having fun until I saw the look on the faces of my clients. Guess I'm too stupid to know better....

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