Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The 'P' Party

On October 27th, Columbia held its annual Halloween Party. This year's theme was the letter 'P'. James and I were assigned the task of organizing and managing activities, including Hang 'P' Man, The 'P' Idiom Relay, The Peter Piper Prize Pick (tongue twister game), the Purple People Eater KTV (Karoke), and Pin the Pun on the Pig-u ('ass' in Chinese... snicker!).

When clients arrived, they were served a glass of punch at the door. After the 'P' activities came to a close, clients and consultants alike gorged themselves on Pizza and other 'P' snacks, and socialized in the lobby. Meanwhile, animated
++++++++++++++++++++++++Halloween shorts played in the background.

The client who won the prize for the best 'P' costume wore a most impressive handmade peacock creation! Of course, James and I coordinated our costumes -- I was dressed as Paradise and James was Purgatory!


Anonymous said...


Nice costumes!!

James and Nella, you both look so good!!I sure hope you had fun!

We had one little guy come to our door this year and boy, did he ever get a good haul!!

Love ya both,
Stupendous Man & Space lady

another-freak said...

OMG James is so thin!!!!

James, you need a haircut. You've now got more hair than Jonesy

Love what you did with your eyebrows and moustash though. Very devilish.


stupendousman said...

Ive seen the good and the bad, am i the ugly???? ha ha

Matty Matt said...

@ James' pics: I KNEW IT!!!

Petey said...

Hey Nella and James!!!

Sorry I haven't been to your site in so very long, I'm just trying to get things settled where I am now. Anyways don't let Anthrax see that pic of you Nella 'lol' Anyways take care and i'll be watching the site