Saturday, September 09, 2006

Gained in Translation!

Because we live in Taiwan, so much of what I search for is in Chinese, so I have to translate.

Take a look at the phone we're considering. Be sure to read the title closely...

Oh, I LOVE translators!!

We've decided to get a video phone. Now that you've regained your composure, let me explain. There are SO MANY things here that we're so blown away by, and we constantly say "Oh, we HAVE to take a picture of that!" but we never have a camera with us, so we're buying a camera with a built-in phone.

And wait for the pictures to pour in on the blog....


geekymarie said...

"cruel evil behind-the-scenes manipulator machine"?? that's gotta be the best description of a cell phone ever!!

Also, I love that it "Personally melts the hypothesis, with own is


Anyways, can't wait for the picutes!

another-freak said...

that is quite the funniest thing I've ever read!!! My faves:

- Is unable to let oneself not be inconspicuous!
- the inborn fashion breath is doomed outstanding

And under the "Characteristic":
- Frivolously stands erect fuselage
- Happy downloading (tablecloth, firefly curtain animation, bell sound, short film)

It also has a Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionary. Let's just hope the dictionary is better than whatever program did this translation!!

James said...

Actually, babelfish is about the best translator I've found online....

BTW, "tablecloth" means wallpaper, and "firefly curtain" means screen saver.

The literal translation for computer in chinese are the characters for electric and brain.