Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Nella

Today we went to a Japanese restaurant in celebration of my birthday. The food was delicious and incredibly healthy. Our meal consisted of hors d'oeuvres that looked like ice cream cones (seaweed rolled up like the cone and a mashed potato/fish filing), miso soup, a bowl of rice and ground salmon, sashimi, the proper term for what Westerners know as 'sushi', by the way. Sushi is actually those little rice roll things that are wrapped in seaweed and filled with rice, and pieces of fish, etc. We also had beef fondu, tofu and clams, Japanese tea, and fruit for desert, along with a glass of prune juice.

After dinner, we proceeded to explore one of the markets, where we finally encountered electronics street. We then caught the bus home and bought a Chinese-style black forest cake. As you will see in the pictures that we posted today to the blog, the cakes here are rather decorative. And, as with everything you buy here of course, the cake came complete with accessories: a question mark candle and candle holder, disposable plates, forks and a cake cutter/spatula.

We have been doing A LOT of overtime lately, since summer is Columbia's busy season, so it was a well-deserved outing.


geekymarie said...


that sounds like a fun evening. And that cake looks delicious! Can I have some? please?

another-freak said...

that cake looks awesome. Deliciouly awesome.

Is this Japanese fondue that you speak of called "shabu shabu" by any chance?

Just wondering.....

James said...

Actually, no....

Shabu Shabu is what they would call a hot pot (火罐) have tons of ingredients and you cook it in a pot in front of you while you eat.

This was literally a fondue slices of beef that I cook in a broth of onions...just like at Marie's parents.

stupendousman said...

Does anybody moon during the festival???