Saturday, July 08, 2006

We're In!

Yes, we moved in today. Photos shown are of the empty (what's considered furnished) apartment. It's semi-furnished. I wish they would have given us a fridge, and the A/C would have been in on time, but we've got our own place!

First, some photos from Will's, which everyone agress, is the best apartment held by an expat in the city, as well as the best deal anywhere.

Can you believe this? I love the elevated rooms. We sleep up high, and live below. The celing is about 7 feet high, so like a basement apartment. This room is the result of high celings.

Another view to show you what's going on. This is the spare room, which Sass uses to do laundry.

The bar in Will's apartment. LOVE the 12' celings!!

Now, without further ado, our new apartmen in Taichung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

What we wanted most: a smaller place with lots of wood and high celings. We both
agree that we like the look of the darker Oak better than the lighter maple.

A view of the living room and enterance from the elevated floor (less useful than in Will's apartment). I think we'll use the floor to meditate.

Another view, from the stairs. The master bedroom is the door to the right, and the second bedroom is the door on the left. So the second bedroom has the low celing, and the master bedroom has the high celing. Directly behind me is the bathroom, and to the left of the master bedroom is the kitchen.

See? Here's the kitchen. The fridge is supposed to go to the left of the counter. Nice touch is that almost all stoves (nobody really has ovens here) are gas. Schwing!

My office. Small but functional. Notice again that there's no shower curtain, and a drain on the floor. Every bathroom here has a hand-held shower head (like downstairs Morin) so water gets everywhere....

The master bedroom. This is our furnished apartment. Actually, a lot of people sleep on the floor like this. But not everone. We'll splurge for a bed sometime. What's cool is the matress, which is reversible. The top is wicker to keep you cool in summer, and the other side is regular, to keep you warm in winter.

Here's the wardrobe that's in both bedrooms. Nice, functional, and intigrated. No complaints.

Well, that's the new apartment. We'll post more pictures as it develops, and we can afford some basic furniture (in a few months).


geekymarie said...

I love the elevated floor. That's awesome!
Funny that you don't have a shower curtain in the bathroom but there's one in the kitchen. Why would you need a shower curtain in the kitchen anyways?

another-freak said...

I agree that the red oak looks better than the lighter stuff. your apt is very cute, but i can't believe they consider that furnished!! What do you do about the fridge? Take it when you move??

Essie said...

Love your apartment! The panelling is beautiful, and the elevated floor is really neat. (I like Marie's question about the shower curtain in the kitchen.)

I was surprised that you don't have an oven -- but I guess everyone has a microwave? Or do they just cook on the stovetop?

Kara said...

ok so dont ask how i found this site but i did :P and honestly, no one told me...

the sights look amazing, James!! looks like you two are having a great time on your adventure :D

i'll be popping in from time to time. :)

have a happy time!