Thursday, July 13, 2006


Well, typhoon season has arrived earlier than anyone expected. We're on a watch cause Typhoon Bilis is about to make landfall. Apparently we're going to get hit pretty hard, so we've bought extra food and water in case we can't go out tomorrow. But maybe we'll miss work!

You can follow the storm track at the Central Weather Burreau in Taipei.

We'll keep you posted....meanwhile we're battening down the hatches!


Essie said...

If I'm reading the information correctly, it looks as though the centre of the storm will pass some distance north of you. I hope that's true!

Your mom probably already told you that we got back last night at midnight from Toronto. I slept on the cot bed in the living room with Sadie and assorted cats and turtles. I slept quite well! I drove back this morning to Sudbury and went straight to work. I kept thinking the whole day that it was Monday . . .

Keep dry and safe!

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