Monday, July 24, 2006

Typhoon Update

Hey everyone...

I didn't mean to get you worried. There's nothing to be afraid of for me. I may just be house-ridden for a day or two. The storm track has diverted south, so we might only miss one day of work. High winds and lots of rain, that's a typhoon. Can cause mud slides in the mountains, but nothing to worry about here. Some places have flooding, but again, not much to worry about here. I live in a concrete building on the 4th floor, so we're fine.

We'll probably go out for a bit to a typhoon party somewhere in our complex. Or maybe we'll just lay low. Big thing is to have plenty of water and food in case you can't go our or nothing is open. Have candles in case the power goes know, the usual.

No worries. I'm anxious. Typically there are 4 storms a month until about October. It's a way of life here..

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Essie said...

I'm so relieved to hear that there's not a lot of danger! Actually, it sounds like fun . . . sort of like my long-ago memories of having school cancelled and getting to stay home because there was a blizzard. (That's something that never seems to happen to kids nowadays.)

So enjoy the typhoon!