Saturday, July 01, 2006

Pictures Galore

Well, here they are. The long-awaited Taiwan photos (or at least some). We'll be posting more, based on subject (funny, spelling, etc). Be sure to click on the photo to get the full-size version. And without further ado...

The Northern lights, and the horizon. It stayed like this for hours, as we tried to outrun the rising sun.

This is the same photo taken many hours later, once the sun had finally caught us.
Notice the clouds about 25,000' below us, and the ocean another 10,000' down.

The view from Will's apartment facing the south of the city and the mountains,
which are totally obscured by the pollution and humidity.

The court inside Will's (and soon to be our) apartment complex.
Note the tropical vegetation and suprisingly clean apartment structures.
Few apartments in Taichung are this clean on the outside.

Moden Chinese skeleton key and magnetic pass. We need both of
these to get into the apartment (or activate the elevator).

The parking outside of our building complex. Yes. NONE of these vechiles are running or have drivers inside them. This is typical of Taiwanese drivers--Anything goes.

The view of our complex from across the road. There are many small complexes within the larger. It's nice because we can walk between the buildings for almost a block without any traffic, and often in the shade. Shade is our friend. The ground floor of the buildings are all various types of businesses, from restaurants, laundrymats, real estate agencies, cell phone store, music teaching studio, clothing store, to a scooter repair shop. Underground was a department store, abandoned after the big quake of '98.

The Family Mart across the street. Our first landmark when we arrived, which we called "Happy Star". There are Family Marts, 7-11s, Hi-Lifes, 12-24s and various other c-stores on almost every corner. There are more 7-11s on the island of Taiwan than in the entire U.S. Bakeries, scooter shops, and English Buxibans (cram schools) are just as common.

The walkway between blocks of our apartment complex.

Our favorite Tea House, we've decided to call Luke's. We don't know the real name, but that's okay. It's like Friends, or Cheers, where we go almost every day. Good food, decent price, and they have an English menu (that's a BIG plus for us). Very frendly, and right below our apartment. Actually, there are many places to eat within a block of our apartment.

The owner of Luke's. Should we call him Luke? He is very friendly and helpful, and helps us learn how to order in Chinese: "Lew Cha" is our favorite (Green Tea). Hopefully, we'll be able to learn his, his wife, and his daughter's names, who all serve us good food and cold drinks. They are, after all, very patient with us. Note the hand-written (by their daughter) English menu.

The view of our complex from the north, walking west.

The 'Twin Towers' of Taichung. Among the tallest buildings in Taiwan (but dwarfed by the largest building in Taiwan, and the world, the shopping mecca, Taipei 101). We work in the left building, on the top, and luckiest floor, 42. We'll post pictures of the city from there (stunning) in a future post.

A funky building dowtown, where the real action is. We live
in the southern section, which is more residental.

See what I mean? A woman yelling what sounds like Communist Propaganda at us through a huge megaphone. Of course there are no Communists here, so she's probably selling something. In case you fail to notice her, she's followed by a caravan of yellow taxis with flags.

A street vendor selling food. About a thousand differnt types of meat, almost all of them pork.

A side street in the market district. Very crowded and loud.
Plenty to buy, and lots of bardering going on.

Another c-store. Notice the scooter parking. They're a
pestilance pretty much everywhere you go.

A typical example of Taiwanese traffic. Try crossing the street here.

However, there are a few places to get away from the noise and comotion
(if not the pollution) of the traffic. Taichung city park.


geekymarie said...


The apartment building looks fancy! Can't wait to see the inside.

I think we also need a picture of James wearing a tie.

another-freak said...

Great pictures!! I think it's absolutely wicked that you work on the luckiest floor. :D

another-freak said...

I think a couple of people pay attention to our blogs......

Yeah, Jon's thinking of relocating to Vancouver with the rest of Vanquished and he told me he'd like to go to film school or something

essie said...

I love the pictures! Can't wait to see more!