Thursday, June 22, 2006

Too Much Sugar!!!

Well, so much for my 'special diet'. Everything here is loaded with sugar. The other day, I had a drink from the vending machine which had the consistency and taste of liquid pudding. They seem to like their pudding here (it tastes very much like my grandma's English custard... mmmm!). Bubble teas are also infused with a load of sucrose/fructose (you can see them pour it in -- it is syropy and clear). You have to request that they don't add sugar by saying, "Wu boo laow tang," which means, 'I don't want sugar', or "Boo tang," which means, 'no sugar'. James has commented that even the spaghetti sauce is sweet here (and gingery).
On a more positive note, we don't have to do our own laundry anymore! :) We just picked up our laundry from downstairs, where a lady did it for us for 210 NT (about seven bucks Canadian -- the same as we would have spent in the laundry room in our apartment building in Ottawa, where we had to do our own laundry). We see no reason why we should do our own laundry in Taiwan -- if we have a local do it for us, we are giving them business, and, of course, it reduces our own work load for a very low price.
Apartment hunting is proving to be quite challenging. Many of the apartments we see are either too small or too large (and therefore more expensive than what we're looking for). Others do not have furnishings or air conditioning -- things that we don't want to buy ourselves, as we will have to try to sell them and take a loss later when it comes time to get rid of everything too large to bring back to Canada. Some apartments are dirty or need fixing up. Yesterday, we saw a perfectly-sized apartment with just the right amount of character. Unfortunately, within about five minutes of being in the apartment, we also saw three large roaches (which promptly scattered and hid behind garbage that had been left by the previous tenants). It seems that the neighbours to this apartment were also taking over the halls... and by the looks of the amount of shoes on the shoe racks outside of the door, we would have had about 20 neighbours!
Well, this is Danielle signing off. Have to get our advance from work and get motivated to buy some work clothes.


another-freak said...

mmm....bubble tea boo tang. Yumm. I guess you must be able to get your fill there, seeing as boba originated in Taiwan.

Apartment hunting sounds like a real drag! I always fear that there are roaches everywhere. No matter where you go. eep

Way to rationalise sending your laundry out. ;)

geekymarie said...

So you guys are getting tons of sugar, eating out for really cheap and not even doing your own laundry anymore??

You're spoiled!

Well, except for the roaches... Gross!!

geekymarie said...
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essie said...

Well . . . I don't envy you the roaches and variegated dirt -- but if I could just fly over there for a day's shopping . . .

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