Friday, June 30, 2006

A Quick Update (before a long one)

Hey everyone,

Sorry about the delay in writing, but we've been busy. Started working, and put in some long hours to get upto speed. Days off are Friday and Saturday, so we work Sunday (a quiet day). We work in one of the tallest buildings in Taiwan, on the very top floor (42nd). Job is good and pretty easy, so we like it.

Hopefully we've found an apartment (we see it on the 6th). But since we won't see our first full pay until Aug 10, we've really got to count our beans so we can afford to move in. It's in the area we want, and it's very nice, and it's cheap, so we don't want to pass it up.

It's funny. It's very hot here, and so I'm really drained at the end of the day. Our 15 minute walk to work leaves us totally drenched in sweat, so we leave for work an extra half-hour early, and change at work. Umbrellas help a lot in keeping you cool, so many people here use umbrellas in the sun, as well as the rain. I just never thought I'd see the day when I'm setting the A/C to 27 or 28 C to keep cool and refreshed!

We spent a day taking photos of various things, and they should be posted this weekend, so keep your eyes open....

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