Wednesday, June 21, 2006

One Stuffed Duck


Just got back from the market near Will's place, and D and I are both stuffed. We had roasted duck, which was amazing, with greens and fresh baking, mango and watermellon for dessert. For around $8.00. Stuffed full. The heat is really affecting my appetite (but not my thirst...I must drink 4 L of water a day) so I'm especially full.

We walked down from San Min road, which is the happeningist road in the universe. Imagine Young St or St. Catherine's, and you've got the idea. TONS of people. However, there's a catch. You walk off one of the little side streets, and you're thrown back to an old movie set in Hong Kong. Little shops, and street vendors, and no room for cars whatsoever. And the stuff is cheap, cheap, cheap. Danielle found a skirt she really liked for $190, which can be bartered down to $120 (that translates to about $4 CDN), and the shoes! If you like shoes, this is the place to be....

Finally, there are lots of stores for men too. Lots of variety in men's clothes, and in my (ever shrinking) size! Many very light, cool fabrics, suitable for the heat.

Yes, I think we're going to like it here....


geekymarie said...


Sounds like you'll be able to live like Kings and still save up tons of money.

I guess you wont be moving back to Canada anytime soon, right?

Essie said...

Wow! Sounds like a shopper's paradise.