Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Danielle's Addendum

Danielle wants to add some stuff to the blog....

The Good

  • Garbage trucks play music here. Fur Elise, to be specific. You can hear them early in the morning playing electronic Bach. They remind us of Ice Cream trucks. We think it's to balance Chi....
  • We got complimentary socks on the plane. They smelled like mint.
  • Incredibly beautiful mountains over Anchorage.
  • Plenty of inexpensive clothes to fit both James and I. Clip-on earings and funky shoes.
  • The most disgusting looking, awesome tasting Gelatenous Pork and Tendon with gravy.
  • Hello Kitty scooters and automobiles (and any other consumer item imaginable).
  • The first thing we learned to say in Chinese translates as "I don't want. I'm full". There is SO much food here, much of it very cheap.
  • Cost of living: Will's 3-bedroom luxury apartment costs about $350CDN/month
  • The markets. This is the way everyone should shop.
The Bad

  • It's very dirty here. Black mold on lots of buildings, roads, etc. What few sidewalks exist can't be walked on because of the green slime that covers them. Nature is trying to reclaim the city at an incredible rate.
  • The bathrooms. No shower curtains, but a drain on the floor. You shower with abandon, getting water everywhere, and just mop it in to the drain when you're done. A bonafied petri dish for molds, spores, and fungus, not to mention tiny exotic ants with white butts.
  • Sharing the sidewalks with cars and scooters (both parked and in motion), street vendors and giant cockroaches. In fact, when walking, you take your life in your hands. There are no sidewalks, really, so you walk on the road with with an army of scooters whizzing past you at 40 km/h and a half-metre away.
  • Scooters. Nobody walks. Nobody bikes. There's no transit to speak of. Everyone uses these little scooters. They're very polluting, and every intersection looks like the start of a race. If you're rich and crazy enough, you get a car, then you can bully your way through the scooters. Pedestrians try not to get hit.
We're going to Columbia tomorrow to interview and observe for teaching jobs. Sounds pretty lucrative. Good pay for little work. Tutoring adults in english. We'll likely work evernings. Work, like food, is plentiful here.


another-freak said...

OMG, you have to find me the craziest little thing with Hello Kitty on it. The number one weirdest thing that makes you think "why put Hello Kitty on THAT?"


Sorry about the dirt. the shower curtain thing would just be completely unacceptable to me. I wouldn't be able to deal with it.

geekymarie said...

I think the bugs would be the hardest thing for me to get used to. Ewwwww.
Still, seems like an interesting place to be. Have fun!

Brenda said...

My cell plays the same music! It's always been a favorite. Would love to do the markey thing! How's the druit? Lot's of fresh veggies?

Hello Kitty? We all know who would have fun with that....:-)
Bugs? UGG!!

The bathrooms sure don't sound like fun! Must be hard on James....:-)

Good luck with the job business.

I am with another-freak on the curtains. I would find a way to have something!!

Brenda said...

P.S. Dad says you are buying a gas trimer.

Oh and I meant Fruit...not druit...:-)

James said...

The problem with a shower curtain is that it collects mold SO fast that you'd want to replace it weekly.

It's so hot and humid, things grow like there's no tomorrow.

How about an adult-sized Hello Kitty rain slicker and matching motorcycle helmet?

geekymarie said...

Another moldy bathroom, huh? Fun, it'll be just like good old North Bay.

By the way, good luck on the job interviews.

James said...

Mold. Blech!!