Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My car is gone

Greetings all!

Thanks to everyone who posted or emailed me concerning my last blog; your suggestions and comments were welcome. Well, we've decided on Taiwan. We decided on Sunday. We're just going to go over and get a job. This is the advice posted on numerous sites, and after a shaky beginning to our job search (suspect practices and ever-changing details of the job), not to mention my friend Will, who will be graciously providing us with a place to stay until we get on our feet.

So, as a sign of our commitment, I sold the car today. It's gone, no longer in my possession, or under my ownership. It now belongs my family's long-time auto dealer, Gold Fleet Subaru (thanks Cliff). This gives us the cash to pay off some bills, book our tickets to Taiwan, and a little breathing space (money is always tight for us).

I guess that's it for the time being....I'm walking again. Hopefully this will help me lose weight, that being my goal and all. I just can't believe it's gone, in the blink of an eye!

I miss my car...

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Dr. Of Sex # 909 said...

The car may be gone but those awesome plates will be hanging up in the garage forever.

Well, for as long as we have the old garage.

We will all miss the "Blue Babe".