Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More on Chi

Chi (or Qi) is the life force running through our bodies, according to Chinese medicine. It's called Ki in Japanese. Most people would be most familar with it through its cultivation in Tai Chi. It is also the basis of theory for Acupuncture.

Really, there is still a great debate around it, but I'm more insterested in results, regardless of their nature. There is so much science is still unable to explain, although String Theory might be able to provide a suitable method of action for such a force (amongst a million other things, including Time Travel, which I believe we will see in a practical application within my lifetime.

NEways, the point is, I need to learn more about this. I think I'm going to begin studying two forms of Martial Arts, traditional Tai Chi Chuan (Chinese), and Ki-Aikido (Japanese) once I'm overseas. Actually, I've sort of begun Tai Chi now, but there's only so much Danielle and I can do on our own.

For Alyson, I've come across this in a number of different ways, however, the main one was through a BBC Series which had a Western-Taught Kung Fu Master travel the Orient exploring many types of Martial Arts.


another-freak said...

OMG, you really believe that we'll see time travell within our lifetime? I must learn more about string theory, because I know if you believe it, it's probably not just sci-fi but has some basis.

I took Tai Chi classes in the bay for a while. I really, really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it. It's so relaxing; like moving meditation. It's the closest I've ever come to real meditation.

Totally bummed out that it turned out that it wasn't Devo playing in Detroit, but some crappy cover band. they used pictures of Devo in the ads for the show. Jerks

James said...

Well, I'm not that suprised by Devo, since they haven't really performed in years, but I'm so out of the loop that anything is possible...

When you did Tai Chi, what did you think of the whole "feeling Chi" thing....(post on your blog if you want)

another-freak said...

Well, since the classes were just beginner, there was really no focus on the Chi part. It was more about just learning the movements and steps so that you become good at them.

The class was just about the actual moves, and not about the philosophy behind it at all.