Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Crazy Martial Arts stuff!

Who knows about Chi?

I've been watching and reading about some things...and I don't know what to say. I watched a man knock another man down with the power of his voice. No fooling. No tricks. No hocus-pocus. He was able to ring a cauldron with his voice, as if he were hitting it with a hammer. He could concentrate his yells, and focus them, at a specific point, to use his power against an opponent.

I've read about Chi before, but how real is this stuff? How does one find the power and strength to absorb blows from a wrestler, or maintain balance against 5 people pushing, or focus the power to push away an opponent without ever touching them....

This is obviously something I need to learn about


geekymarie said...

You know... I'm not sure if I'd really want you to have that kind of power. I mean, how will I ever be able to beat you up again?


James said...


When ever???

another-freak said...

Wow. that sounds amazing! where did you hear/see this? Seriously weird.


hey guess where I'm going on Thursday? Devo concert in Detroit! That's right! I'm going to see Devo. how fun is that going to be?


Essie said...

I've never heard of Chi, but it does sound intriguing. I suppose it has something to do with mastering energy? This seems to be a domain that has not been explored in the West.

My chiropractor has a method of diagnosis and treatment that relies on energy flows in the body. He demonstrates the energy flow by means of a toy -- the client holds one end of the toy, he holds the other, and nothing happens . . . until he touches the client's other hand. Then suddenly a circuit is established and the toy begins to operate as if by battery.

This is a fascinating area of science that deserves further investigation. It is frustrating that Western research has not looked into the presence of these energy flows and their medical applicability.

Chi sounds like a great method of self-defence. However, it also sounds as if it would take many years to master, so I doubt if I could train in it!

Are you thinking of taking it up?

Errh . . . who is Devo? Or would I rather not know?

Dr. Of Sex # 909 said...

I like your new interests.

And the challenge will be good for you.