Friday, March 24, 2006

The Monster Computer

The monster computer hiccuped and now isn't working.

There was a problem with the video card, which didn't seem to work. There was a related problem with the motherboard, which didn't seem to want to work. Together, they created a larger problem, and decided to commit suicide together, hence Danielle and I making an impromptu trip to Toronto to replace the motherboard. We await the verdict on the video card, which also needs to be sent back (via eBay), and is holding everything up.

But while I was in Toronto, I had sushi, squid and some other assorted seafood stuffs, and it was all pretty good. I need to get used to that stuff for when we go to Korea, since so much of their diet is seafood.


another-freak said...

Good job on trying to get used to Korean foods. Kimchi is the way to go. It's all about the Kimchi.

I've never been able to like sushi (though lord knows I've tried), though squid is delicious when it's fresh. If it's not fresh, it's very chewy and generally unpleasant.

Sorry about the computer. That really, really sucks

Essie said...

The only sushi I've ever tried is a dish called California Rolls that Rosalyn often orders when we go to the Korean restaurant here in Sudbury. It's quite good. There are also some other Korean dishes on the menu that are very nice. But I can't say I'm partial to squid ... maybe because the squid I've had here isn't fresh enough. (It did seem kind of chewy, come to think of it.)

The first child I sponsored through Foster Parents Plan was a little girl in Korea. Her name was Kim Sul Hee, and she lived in Seoul. She'd be in her late thirties now. Who knows, maybe you'll meet her... ;-)

Is another-freak Alyson?

I hope the computer is well on its way to resurrection after its premature death ...