Thursday, March 30, 2006

I know who Essie is! (and I'm graduating again)

Does anybody know how much it costs to live in Japan (researching that right now).

Essie is my dear aunt, Sheila! Yeah...mistery solved (actually it was solved awhile ago, but I was too lazy, or slothful, to post a blog about it). Glad she's getting to see the dark side of the family. And yes, the freak is Alyson--it's a Hunter S. Thompson reference.

Nella and I are trying to decide on Korea, Taiwan, or Japan. The thought is that Korea is cleaner and more modern, and generally pays better (free housing, free flight) but according to web chatter and our new Korean friend Bo, much more dishonest. Taiwan is more Chinese, so it's more traditional, but also dirty, and doesn't pay as well. Japan is like Mecca, but pay is lowest of all (much like Canada) and we won't be able to save. Culturally, spiritually, we want to go to Japan the most, by far. But it may not be feasible.

I think we're gonna hit Dave's ESL Cafe, the de-facto site for ESL overseas teaching, to find out some more....


Jennifer said...

I'm not sure if you remember Kim VanLier, she taught G4/5 last year at JPII. She spent 2-3 years teaching in Japan and seemed to like it well enough. If you want to get in touch with her, drop me an email with your contact info and I'll let her know. You guys can chat about it... :) G'luck!

essie said...

I think South Korea still has a repressive regime in power. A few years back, workers engaged in peaceful protests were attacked by police, and as far as I know, there are lots of prisoners of conscience. So that might be another reason not to go there.

Glad you figured out my identity! :D

geekymarie said...

That's a though decision. Japan sounds nice but I'm sure saving up money would be nice too.
Let us know what you find out about Japan. Sorry, I don't know much about it myself. Except that it's expensive and there's not much space.

geekymarie said...

by the way, what is that about graduating? Is it your BA you're getting?

another-freak said...

You're graduating again? Are you doing your honours now?

Japan sure would be great. I know that Steve recommends Korea, but they all have their pros and cons. Tough decision!

....I love my Hunter S. references. It gives me something good that I can use on all sorts of different sites. I don't really have a regular username anymore, but maybe it'll be another freak from now on

Dr. Of Sex # 909 said...

Sheila reads this??


Dr. Of Sex # 909 said...

And you know what my feelings on Japan are.

My dream vacation!