Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Actual Blogging...

Lots of little things...Danielle says the lovin' is strong....

Um, what else? No Korean books in Chapters, so we'll have to look online. My guitar is totally sweet, and I'm actually learning to play it (first song: Hey Joe-Jimi Hendrix). This is the sweetest guitar in the whole universe. Much of it because it was free. Once's here, 'cept that it's in black.

I've been downloading like mad. Lots of movies and music (thanks to my new, 250GB portable HD). Nella and I bought a totally sweet laptop computer to take with us to Korea. It's a Gateway with a 17" widescreen monitor. It'll double as our TV. We even have a webcam for it. I must be getting sentimental or something....

Building the monster computer for Jon. Imagine, 960GB of RAID HD space, 4GB RAM and $400 for the case and power supply, dual 19" LCDs and you've got a sweet computer!

Besides being good little consumers, we've been thinking about how I'm going to lose weight. (How about eat less!?!) Danielle's going to learn a martial art (which I think means I will be learning a martial art, oooh, I hope it's Aikido.

Well, that's it for now (kinda long). I'll try and blog more often (try tearing me away from my guitar)

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another-freak said...

I've heard about the monster computer. I also heard that the motherboard blew up already. Yikes!

Akido, huh? Sounds cool!

Have you decided on Korea then? I'll tell my labmate Steve. He's Korean, so of course he highly recommends it, though he's only been there twice I think. Once for the summer though.