Thursday, March 30, 2006

I know who Essie is! (and I'm graduating again)

Does anybody know how much it costs to live in Japan (researching that right now).

Essie is my dear aunt, Sheila! Yeah...mistery solved (actually it was solved awhile ago, but I was too lazy, or slothful, to post a blog about it). Glad she's getting to see the dark side of the family. And yes, the freak is Alyson--it's a Hunter S. Thompson reference.

Nella and I are trying to decide on Korea, Taiwan, or Japan. The thought is that Korea is cleaner and more modern, and generally pays better (free housing, free flight) but according to web chatter and our new Korean friend Bo, much more dishonest. Taiwan is more Chinese, so it's more traditional, but also dirty, and doesn't pay as well. Japan is like Mecca, but pay is lowest of all (much like Canada) and we won't be able to save. Culturally, spiritually, we want to go to Japan the most, by far. But it may not be feasible.

I think we're gonna hit Dave's ESL Cafe, the de-facto site for ESL overseas teaching, to find out some more....

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Monster Computer

The monster computer hiccuped and now isn't working.

There was a problem with the video card, which didn't seem to work. There was a related problem with the motherboard, which didn't seem to want to work. Together, they created a larger problem, and decided to commit suicide together, hence Danielle and I making an impromptu trip to Toronto to replace the motherboard. We await the verdict on the video card, which also needs to be sent back (via eBay), and is holding everything up.

But while I was in Toronto, I had sushi, squid and some other assorted seafood stuffs, and it was all pretty good. I need to get used to that stuff for when we go to Korea, since so much of their diet is seafood.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Actual Blogging...

Lots of little things...Danielle says the lovin' is strong....

Um, what else? No Korean books in Chapters, so we'll have to look online. My guitar is totally sweet, and I'm actually learning to play it (first song: Hey Joe-Jimi Hendrix). This is the sweetest guitar in the whole universe. Much of it because it was free. Once's here, 'cept that it's in black.

I've been downloading like mad. Lots of movies and music (thanks to my new, 250GB portable HD). Nella and I bought a totally sweet laptop computer to take with us to Korea. It's a Gateway with a 17" widescreen monitor. It'll double as our TV. We even have a webcam for it. I must be getting sentimental or something....

Building the monster computer for Jon. Imagine, 960GB of RAID HD space, 4GB RAM and $400 for the case and power supply, dual 19" LCDs and you've got a sweet computer!

Besides being good little consumers, we've been thinking about how I'm going to lose weight. (How about eat less!?!) Danielle's going to learn a martial art (which I think means I will be learning a martial art, oooh, I hope it's Aikido.

Well, that's it for now (kinda long). I'll try and blog more often (try tearing me away from my guitar)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Myspace Sucks!

Yes. It does.

My sister posts her blog there, but nobody can comment on it unless they register with Myspace. What is that about? I'd like to comment on her posts without having to become a registered user at the single most-travelled website on the interent.

NEways, I guess I have to post something (here it is March 16th and this is my first post in March). What else? I don't know....if you do, let me know!