Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wombats are cute

Wombats are really cute.

Here's a photo of a wombat, in case you don't know what they look like.
Here's infromation about wombats, courtsey of Wikipedia.

As you can tell, I haven't got much to say.


geekymarie said...

well, at least you're posting something. I guess.

and yes, wombats ARE cute. Sort of like a cross between a German sheppard and a guinea pig.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Cross between a german sheppard and a guinea pig. That's priceless!

That wombat is totally cute. Completely


Essie said...

Speaking of wombats, I came across this quote yesterday from the poem "Goblin Market" by the Victorian poet Christina Rossetti (1830-1894), proving that wombats have been a source of interest for some time:

"[Lizzie] thrust a dimpled finger
In each ear, shut eyes and ran;
Curious Laura chose to linger
Wondering at each merchant man.
One had a cat's face,
One whisked a tail,
One tramped at a rat's pace,
One crawled like a snail,
One like a wombat prowled obtuse and furry,
One like a ratel tumbled hurry-scurry."

By the way, I voted Conservative. (I will nobly refrain from ranting about what I don't like in the liberal [note the small "l"] agenda!)

James said...


Who the hell is essie?

(I'm dumbfounded because I can't imagine why anyone would be here reading this....)