Friday, February 17, 2006

I don't blog enough

Still don't know how to preset the fonts....

Clearly I don't blog enough. NEways, going to Tribunal next week, so we can move into the 'cheap' apartment. Too bad about the tenants--they were nice. But since Danielle isn't working, we can't afford the bigger apartment. However, it's nice to think that we can survive on my 4 days-a-week at the store, and her not working at all. We've actually gained some freedom. I guess we're making some right decisions.

Looking at Taiwan and Korea pretty seriously. Good money, and we could really get ahead with the money we'd make there and invest in real estate here. We could be settled VERY nicely in 5 years. Plus we'd get an opportunity to see the world, and learn about some things outside ourselves.

Don't know...what else. Aly was referring to Valentines Day (blech) as VD. I thought she meant something else by "VD"....I guess it has about the same connotation.



Anonymous said...

LOL! That's why I used VD. Because it makes you think of something else that I don't celebrate



Anonymous said...

Have you ever read 'The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz'?


James said...

Ages ago, in high school. We had to do a dramatic rendition of it.


(Who's randy?)

Anonymous said...

I ask because you are sounding quite like Mr. Richler's 'noble' character, especially with your real estate holdings and your dreams of financial freedom.

And you know who Randy is (it is kinda insulting you don't remember me!)


P.S. Everything comes from language. Without discourse we don't even understand our own identity.