Monday, February 27, 2006

Assorted topics of interest.

Well, it's been an interesting week...

Won my Tribunal hearing, and we've got our apartment April 30 (which is a month later than we originally wanted, but we'll go with it). Selling stuff on ebay these days, and apparently there's good money in cosmetics!

The snow has gotten crazy here, and I need to go on the roof and pull it off (at Duke St.). Can you believe that Danielle and are are able to subsist on my four days of work/week?! That's sweet.

Danielle got her passport, so mine must not be far behind.

Essie left a message on my blog. If you know who she is, please inform me! (I'm stunned that someone I don't know would post to my blog!)

What else? Anyone want to buy a used car? Um, can you believe that my heating/plumming guy has gotten over $5000 out of me since November. No wonder I have no extra cash! Oh, my guitar should be in any day now...everyone else has gotten their instruments, and I'm still waiting.

I guess that's it for now....toodles.


geekymarie said...

did you opt to have your blog listed on the blogger website? There are probably people really bored out there who like to read blogs of people they don't know. Weird. I was wondering who essie was too (and I was surprised you knew someone who voted conservative)

I'm not sure if I understand why you're moving now since you're getting ready to leave for Asia soon. I think moving might have become an addiction for you and Danielle.
Anyways, good luck! Keep me posted.

btw, I posted my class schedule on my blog, as you suggested. I really like torturing you and making you jealous. So many upper level seminars next year. I love seminars! It's not grad school, but it almost feels like it. (getting even more jealous now? good!)

Essie said...

Hi, James,

You do know me; in fact, you've known me all your life. (Well, that's probably a slight exaggeration; I think you were two or three days old when we first met.) "Essie" stands for S.E. (That's a big clue.) I'm sad to hear that you're moving so far away, but it sounds like a great adventure!

Hi, Al and Marie!