Sunday, January 29, 2006

The New Conservative Government


I've been thinking about this conservative government we've got in Canada now, and you know, it may not be as bad as we all think...

While, yes we have a conservative minority, we have strong parliamentary representation by four political parties. We can rest assured that Harper's "Conservative Agenda" won't go anywhere because of his weak minority, and I'm beginning to really like minority governments!

You know, this is real democracy at work here. A true democracy supports a wealth of opinion, from all over the political spectrum, where many ideas, representing many (if not yet all) Canadians can be heard. Our parliament now represents that, more than it has during the "Liberal dictatorship". I'm not afraid of Harper because of his weak minority. Canadians wanted change, but they were unsure of where to turn. Canada is not turning towards Harper's conservative views as much as we're punishing the Liberals. Canada has simply gone with whom we feel will do a 'good job' of running the country.

That said, we've given Harper's Conservatives a very short leash, balanced with a good compliment of NDPers. Hopefully, next time around, Jack will get the minority as the majority of Canadians (who I feel are more liberal than conservative) feel confident in the job his party is doing. Once the NDP forms the government, then I'll feel comfortable to move my vote from the NDP to the Greens--I'd like to never see another majority government again!


Anonymous said...

You make a very good point and I agree that the minority government seems like a better thing in the long run. After the election, I was particularly pleased that the NDP won 9 more seats in this election. Windsor West (my new riding) actually elected an NDP. This was the first time that I can remember voting for an MP who was actually elected!

Well, I have to go check my foccaia bread. Yumm

Anonymous said...

Ooops. That was me above. forgot to put my name


Marie said...

Yeah, the results of the elections are definitely better than I expected. I really like minority governments.
Still, I'm getting really frustrated with the way the electoral system is set up. Parties like the NDP and the Green Pary are really underrepresented compared to how many votes they got.
It's especially frustrating living in Quebec because that stupid separatist debate just kills any other political issues. If you're in a ridding that's mostly English, you have a chance of electing either Liberal or Conservative but if you're in a French ridding, forget it. The Bloc is in no matter what and your vote counts for nothing.