Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Why do people lie?

I've got a guy who plows my driveways for me. He's good, he's quick, he's a family friend. About a month ago, my 'neighbor' who lives across the street comes to see me. He says he wants my guy to plow his driveway. However, he wanted to complain about piling snow up on his side of the street.

You know, if he had a problem, why didn't he just tell me, instead of lying to my face? Why do people lie? It just makes life so much more difficult.

Oh, and speaking of lying. Why hasn't my stove shown up yet? Two weeks ago, I bought a stove, and it has yet to be delivered. First it was supposed to be Monday, then Thursday, then the next Monday, now the next Thursday. Why does life have to be like this? This is what is destroying humanity....


Anonymous said...

Hey Beenie,
People lie for all sorts of stupid little reasons: it's easer for them than it is to tell the truth (or at least they perceive it as being easier); they think they're sparing your feelings; they seek to avoid confrontation....etc etc

Whatever the reason, you shouldn't let it get to you so much. People lie. they always have, they always will. Just forget about the lies that don't matter - such as this one


Anonymous said...

Hey Beenie

Just commenting to let you know that I'm reading your blog. I have a new blog that I'm giving out to friends and family, so you can read it if you like to:

Anyhoo, don't let the lies get to you. People lie for all sorts of stupid little reasons.